Toasted Sandwiches and Salads

Triple Toasted Sandwiches

All toasted sandwiches are served with chips.

Toasted Bacon, Egg and CheeseR59
Toasted Chicken MayoR59
Toasted Cajun ChickenStrips of spicy chicken, cheddar cheese, gherkins and cajun mayo.R69
Toasted Beef and English Mustard Strips of beef and mozzarella cheese.R69
Toasted Ham, Cheese and TomatoR59
Toasted Cheese and Tomato (VEG)R49


Fresh generous portions. Salad greens: Variety of lettuces, onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and green pepper.

Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken Salad Strips of sweet thai chilli chicken, tropical fruit wedges on a bed of salad greens. Served with toasted pita pocket.R79
Beef and Veg Salad Strips of tender beef on a bed of roasted veg and salad greens.R89
Greek Salad (VEG)Salad greens topped with olives and traditional feta cheese.R79
Cajun Chicken SaladStrips of spicy chicken and gherkin on a bed of salad greens served with cajun mayo.R79
Tuna and Avo Salad Salad greens, boiled eggs, tuna and sliced avo.R89